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The Yarnpocalypse

A grateful note to my favorite yarn people by Stephanie Powell

 It was the darkest day of the year, cold and it wasn't just the snow or the icy wind but the creeping dread as i realized I'd let the yarn stash get too low. There were no signs of any Crochetieres out there, could anyone have survived like me...somehow. The re-supply should have been here days ago, I felt like I was on borrowed time. then on the seventh day as the sun rose in all its glory above the skyline the cold quivered in its warmth and the dark slunk away in terror. A messenger had come then and with them our re-supply. It was all thanks to my top-secret alliances at lens mill. I knew Len wasn't going to leave me dangling at the end of a very short thread....even the end of it all, yet with this yarn it seemed like there was hope as I joined the end of one thread to the beginning of another.

thanks guys 

you're my heroes!

Thank you for your patience!

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